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Fintech reloaded

Financial services, especially payments are the new technology frontier. B2C ideas and services are experiencing a boom (hype?). With digital transformation creating an instant financial experience and APIs enabling fintech service providers to innovate and capture or generate new value for the consumer. One critical aspect has missed the spotlight however: B2B fintech. B2B fintech is the engine room often invisible and sometimes overlooked, yet essential part of the changing financial services landscape.

At Capsys, we build these engines.

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Rising and crying of the wannabe fintechs

Nowadays it is very fashionable to open in the direction of Fintech. Start-up companies and large companies are both trying to break out of traditional frameworks and seek innovative solutions. Regardless of the size of the company, it can be observed that after the idea has appeared, companies are almost euphoric and believe that their invention is a success. This presentation illustrates what obstacles a Fintech firm has to face in practice (legislation, finance, corporate internal processes) to have a chance of success.

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