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How are banks opening up? Is this the best period for Hungarian bank clients?

Jozsef Czimer

The article tries to present to the reader the story of the economic development starting with the medieval looms to the digital world resulting to implement open banking and instant payments worldwide. We speak about two and a half centuries in the beginning of which banks were very much closed institutions with strong rooms and their caligraphic hand written general ledgers. In our era netbank is already an old story, everyone tries to offer their services on mobile whole brave finenciel (technical?) people issue bitcoin and its sister currencies just to gain profit.

What do GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Alipay) mean to the industry? What can open banking bring to the customers? We try to give a short picture about this all phenomena and about Capsys’ role in implementing the most up-to-date banking services not only in Hungary but also in the whole region.