Public health

The National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ANTSZ.HU) was established in 1991, functions as a central budgetary authority, controlling, coordinating and supervising activities related to public health, epidemiology, health development and public health administration. It performs public health controls, examines and checks the development of the population's health conditions and encourages healthy way of life. It elaborates and regularly assesses the requirements and threshold limit values applicable to air pollution, waters for human consumption, soil, waste, sewage, radioactive contamination and noise. It verifies and enforces the occupational health regulations and investigates occupational diseases. It establishes the threat or existence of epidemics and takes the necessary measures. It orders the vaccinations and the epidemiological screenings, keeps records of the contagious diseases subject to reporting, as well as organises and supervises the implementation of the duties aimed at the prevention of endemic diseases. 

NPHMOS – capitalising on the opportunities provided by the EU grants – implemented a large volume of IT developments in recent years. The basis of the complex IT system is the Public Healthcare Integrated System (OTH Integrated System), a system with national coverage, improving fast response capacity. The upgrading of the central infrastructure, pointing to the modern cloud technology, was necessitated by the increasing number of users. The system accelerates administration and facilitates the compilation of more complex and up-to-date statistical reports. Relying on the OTH Integrated System, NPHMOS is able to control the high-risk processes properly, such as e.g. the epidemiological processes and the changes in the health condition of the population. 

​Main modules

  • ​Epidemics
  • Legionella, Special Pathogenic Agent, Special register
  • Chemical Safety
  • Radiobiology
  • District Family Nurse 
  • Central static data

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